Browse our public database to see if you recognize a dog or cat you may have found in or near Penn Hills. You can contact owners using their phone number. Please take the animal to a shelter or vet where they can scan for a microchip. You can also call Penn Hills Police to let them know you have found a dog, but please note, if Police take the dog, it will be taken to Animal Control who can destroy it in 72 hours.

Animal Control for Penn Hills is Hoffman’s Animal Control & Kennel.

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Pets PhotoPets NameTypeBreedDescriptionPhone
elvis Elvis Dog Australian Shepard Very friendly, timid, Merle coloring 6102484535
20200217_090019 Jed Dog Hound Mix Black, dark brown all over body and face. White chest and paws, with black spots. 4127950463
Daisy Dog Terrier mix Female, spayed, 5 years old, black and tan fur, she is very shy with people, weighs 38lbs 4126133145
iphonepics5_8_15_111 Colson Dog Boxer Very friendly 4126801938
3a5710b9-7948-4296-94c9-245bf6197d40 Maya Dog Yellow lab mix Light yellow & white. 9044167505
20190831_172153 Quinn Dog Lab/hound mix Black/brown brindle; white markings on chin, chest, feet, tip of tail. Very friendly. 412-913-3732; 412-793-2476
5191c619-115a-4536-8938-9215fb20b1f7 Bentley Dog Beagle mix Brown/tan body with white paws; fluffy tail; missing most teeth on top row 7247878550
110607f8-4feb-4ff4-a26a-5451c3a4964b Tessa Dog Mixed Terrier Black and White with a little brown over her eyes. 412-853-7118
8c337f4c-6a8b-41e6-b7f2-d67bdaf6d4c5 Tommy Dog Shorkie Tan and Light Black. 412-853-7118
cute Marco Dog jack russell mix primarily white with brown on face...35-40 pounds male was chipped in WV where I got him out of foster care 412-592-6016
dscf7198 NOMI Dog Siberian Husky Black and white with some very lt brown around face and legs. White face mostly. 4127950463
6f43e604-8a1e-4eea-b148-589b73b60b8f Taz Dog Mostly Gordon setter Black brown tan n white. Curly ears. About 40 lbs. 4127264317
dc3be194-cf98-480d-aa0a-6bfebd8cbf17 Daisy Dog Maltese/Pomeranian All white. Purple collar, 412 798 3738
img_6531 Tatiana Cat Domestic long hair Calico 412-638-0667
f3bf690e-5525-4337-975b-530940d6b6dd Ivory Dog American Eskimo/ White with tan, 30lbs 412-897-4736 / 412-298-6118
2a718e0a-a4f4-47e0-a959-d184fec4feb9 baby girl Dog Yorkie Brown head black n gray body, 12 lb Wears purple harness 412-793-4520
Katie Dog Miniature Dachshund Red coat very friendly 7244723053
Jypsie Dog Shih Tzu White and liver (grayish), female. 5 pounds 10 years old 4128675788
img_20190603_210522 Hines Ward Dog Shih Tzu and Yorkie Friendly. Underbite on his teeth. Long legs. Tan, silver (dark brown on his ears and tail only). Microchipped and neutered. 412-241-6063
image Tortie Cat Tortoiseshell/Calico Tortie is primarily Black and Tan with white chest and white paws. Two years old, about 10 pounds. 4125761012
Benji Dog Shih Tzu Neutered Male. Grey and white in color 4128895730
Ziggy Dog Mixed breed Neutered male. Black and grey in color 412-889-5730
img_1713 Ninja Dog Chichuah/mini pin Brown and black 412-916-2845
aa6a0eb3-ab8e-490f-a5c0-5215b2445498 Thatcher Dog Beagle Tri color 13” male. Elder. White face. 412-798-1956
img_4557 Belle Dog Cavashon Light tan cavalier spaniel/bischon mix 412-916-2845
Scout Larue Dog Beagle Big boy 15 inch tri color male. 412-798-1956
webp-net-resizeimage_(1) Lola Dog Beagle/Basset Hound mix Female. Brown and white with brown freckles. About 5yo as of 2019. Weighs about 30 pounds. Wears seresto collar. Missing front bottom tooth. 4125011179
21c09349-382a-49ae-a513-3c84edb6a392 Klaus (pronounced Claws) Dog Mix White with black and brown bridle. The tip of his tail is white and he has one perky ear and one “lazy” ear. 412.335.5620
20190506_085519 Rosey Dog American Pit terrier mix Brown with black tail and forehead. White chest and white patch on the right side of mouth. Left ear sticks up 4125138430
image1 Layla Dog Corgi/Shelby/Shepard Brown/tan/black. Short legs but looks like a shepard 412-916-2845
win_20190423_11_09_35_pro Sandy Dog Mixed/Vizsla Large Red Female 75-80 lbs. Red with White face,paws and mark on chest. Has microchip under Ed Becker 412-265-7259 or Barbara Yohler 412-638-3091 4127937392
Chewy Dog Boxer/mix Brindle all over with a white patch. 412-807-9462
20190314_180922_1552601370645 Daphanie Dog American Bulldog/Old English Bulldog White wit 4126000648
15567380824831283474491396470168 LUCKY Cat Mixed 10 year old indoor Black Cat. Afraid of strangers and cars/trucks. Used to being an only pet and is afraid of dogs. Has a red collar with a green bell. 412-527-2715
img_0684 Jasper Cat mixed Black and white cat 412-795-7546
bella Bella Cat domestic female, all black, a bit chubby, not real friendly to strangers, pretty 4129530472
georgie_lazing_in_the_back_yard Georgia Dog Irish spotted Newfoundland About 120 pounds, mostly black, white tip of tail, white paws with black spots. Very gentle 412-242-3124, 412-841-6988
36725225_10160593463365593_7100738129031593984_n Mona Dog Siberian Husky Siberian Husky, female, black and white fur with brown eyes. Approximately 50 lbs. Friendly but cautious of new humans. 7244339408
111 Ox Dog Mixed Pit Lab Taupe short hair, very nice temperment. 4124808766
my_beauty_1 Beauty Dog pitbull Brown and white with one crinkled ear 4124824778
20190307_124450 Mia Cat Tortoise short hair Mia is very shy and does not trust strangers. She has very white paws and the rest is tortoise color 4126602983
fluffy_picture_-_23apr2019 Fluffy Dog Schnoodle 14-year-old dog (as of: Apr, 2019)... 11-pounds, white/beige, poodle/schnauzer mix. (412) 427-3525
20190121_152134 We Dog greyhound Black with white topping. Graying face. 4127934121
019 Doodle Dog Chihuahua Lite Brown and white 724 351 2994
20171119_134349 Frankfurt Dog Pit bull mix Tan and white 4127261404
roxy Roxy Dog Labradoodle white coat, scruffy face, pink nose, 65 lbs 7034830779
20190411_152956 Chili Dog Australian Cattle Dog Primarly black with small Bentley mark and standard markings. 412-855-7670
my_beauty Beauty Dog Pitbull Tan and white One ear is crinkled up 4124824778
e158636e-943e-459b-8629-f82eef4969d2 Maximus Dog Yorkshire Terrier Tan and Gray 7248897982
img_3767 Mollie Dog Yorkichon (Yorki + Bichon Copper to beige long hair- about 20 pounds. Microchipped. 4127980347