Found Dogs: 3 Dogs Found Off Harvest Drive; 2 Blue Nose Pits & a Mastiff Mix

Date Found:

August 30, 2019


Rescued dogs off of Harvest Drive. Two appear to be blue Pit bulls one appears to be a brindle mastiff mix. The mastiff has a blue collar and red harness. One pit bull has a metal collar and one has a blue collar. None of the dogs were chipped or had tags. 

Location dog was found:

Penn Hills Police Rescued dogs off of Harvest Drive.

Dogs are currently at:

All dogs have been taken to Hoffmans Kennel. If these are your dogs or if you would like to adopt them, please contact them immediately.

Hoffman’s Animal Control
285 Cloverleaf Dr, Delmont, PA 15626
Tel: (724) 468-5505

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