We want to raise funds to set up new holding kennels and supplies for dogs that are picked up by the Penn Hills Police. Currently, the facility space at the Penn Hills Municipal building is not properly set up to hold a Dog more than a few hours; the cages are old, and they don’t have many supplies.


Current indoor kennels
Current outdoor kennel

The police have been doing the best they can with what they have, but because there are not supplies and more spaces, often they have animal control get the dogs right away. Not giving them the opportunity to get photos of the dogs before they go to animal control, which would help with posting on social media to try to find the owners.

Your donation will help provide:

1.     More sterile and safe kennels
2.     More comfortable space for the dogs
3.     Proper supplies for cleaning & care
4.     A better opportunity to unite owners with their dogs

We want to set up a new process where all non-aggressive dogs picked up by Penn Hills Police are taken to the Penn Hills Municipality kennels first so photos can be taken, they can be fed,  and they have a chance to relax and be found by their owners before being taken by Animal Control.

Supplies that will be purchased with the donations:

1.     3 Large Kennels
2.     2 Medium Kennels
3.     Pet Beds
4.     Food & Water Bowls
5.     Food Storage Containers
6.     Storage Containers
7.     Outdoor Storage Box
8.     Pooper Scoopers
9.     Pee Pads
10.  Disinfectant cleaners
11.  Paper Towels
12.  Garbage bins
13.  Large outdoor tarp (for kennel shade)
14.  Leashes
15.  Collars

New Indoor Kennels:

New Kennels with safe open doors and easy to clean floors
New Kennels are stackable to help save space and large kennels can be divided into 2 medium size kennels when needed.

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